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How To Install Metal Spindles

Tools and Materials Needed
  • Square
  • Tape measure
  • 7/8" measure
  • Cordless drill with #2 phillips bit {7/8" and 1/4" drill bits for twisted spindles only}
  • 7/8" bit drill 1" into lumber and finish hole with 1/4" bit for drainage
  • Circular saw and or mitre box
Step 1
Space between two post needs railing
Step 2
Measure or scribe length of 2x4 needed for rail opening. Subtract the thickness of 2 [1x3] for back nailing 2x4's to the post. Find center of 2x4's and mark both using framing sq. Then layout the rest of the 2x4's 4 1/2" o.c.

Step 3
Drill 2x4's as needed for twisted spindles or install spindle connectors.
Step 4
It should look like this when connectors are applied using both 2x4's on edge.
Step 5
Install hollow aluminum spindles over connectors and twisted spindles into holes railing is upside down when assembled.
Step 6
Install other 2x4 over connectors and onto holes for twisted spindles. 33/12" 1x4 sits on top of the upper spindles 33 1/2 1x4 set on top of 2x4 and the lower 2x4 is back screwed into the 1x4 [railing is upside down] easier to work on gap at top of railing is the gap at bottom when installed see the last picture.
Step 7
Screw 1x4 to railing post in this case king post. Oops! Don't hit your finger!
Step 8
Install top cap of railing with 2 1/2 trim head screw.
Step 9
End of spindle project, enjoy!
I prefer to use 1x3 or 1x4 for back nailers. It is a lot less expensive than buying an overpriced bracket for $3.79 ea. Also I prefer to lay the top 2x4 on flat rather than on edge, it will give a broader base for the top cap of the railing to sit on. This will require the bottom spacing to be 3 7/8" [from decking to bottom 2x4]. The math is like this: each spindle with the connector is 26 1/8" + 3 7/8", space = 30", 2x4 on flat is 1 1/2" in 2x4 on edge is 3 1/2", total 5" top cap of railing depending on product used is 1-1 1/2", 30 + 5 + 1 = 36 which is the minimum height for residential railing in the U.S. Also you will get a lot cleaner look if the 2x4 on flat sits on top the 1x4 or 1x3. Do not use galvanized drywall screws to back screw the 1" material to the railing. Always use a good heavy duty screw as the strength of the railing is determined by the quality of the screw. Always use 2 screws on each end of each 2x4, each rail section will take approx 8, 2 1/2" screws, 2 for ea 2x4, and 4 for the 1" board connection to the king post as shown or the rail post of your choice.