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How To Build a Gate with Metal Spindles

Tools and Materials Needed
Note: 26" spindles will make a 34-1/2" gate with 2x4" applied to the top (not shown) with 4' piece left over from the 12'. 32" spindles will make a 38-1/2" gate.
Step 1
Measure the distance between you two post where the gate is to be installed. Subtract ¾ inch from total. For a 48” gate make your frame 47-1/4”. Cut the two top pieces.
Step 2
Lay out the top and bottom 2x4 for the spindle connectors. Make sure to subtract 3-1/2” from each each end to allow for the 2 side 2x4's. Then start at the middle and make your marks 4-1/4” from each side of the middle. Put your marks on the 1-1/2 side of the 2x4. It will be a lot easier for you if you mark them both at the same time.
Step 3
Put the spindles onto the connectors one side at a time. When you are done you will be able to pick up the whole piece if necessary without anything coming apart.
Step 4
Take a 2x4 and scribe it by one of the spindles which are attached to the connectors. Cut them. Lay one on one side and one on the other.
Step 5
Take what is called a “pin” measurement (both diagonals). Move the assembly until both pin measurements are the same. This will make the gate square.
Step 6
Take four 1x3 about 3' long ea. Scribe one of them so that it will include the leg [the 2 pieces of 2x4 you just cut] and the top and bottom piece [2x4's with the connectors]. Cut them to the same size. Place them as shown in the picture. Screw them to the 2x4's using a 2-1/2" exterior wood screw. We use a 2-1/2”x 9 star drive exterior “grip rite” screw. Use 2 screws in the top 2x4 and 2 in the bottom 2x4. Repeat on both sides. This will hold the whole frame together. Make sure to use 2 screws down the length. So a total of 6 screws is used per 1x3 for the sides.
Step 7
Scribe the remaining 1x3 for the top an bottom, cut, and screw them in place. 2-3 screws will do as these are trim pieces. Take the short pieces of 1x3 left, cut corner blocks. 8 will be needed as this whole process is done on both sides. The gate is now ready to install. Get favorite gate hardware at the local store, follow the directions and you will have a nice gate using metal spindles. The picture featured on the 26" x 3/4" deck barn spindles is a gate.
Step 8
Get your favorite gate hardware from your local hardware store, read the instructions and hang the gate. In almost all cases you will need to buy longer screws than what the manufacturer supplies.

End of gate with spindles project, enjoy!